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In the pursuit of improving ourselves and our business, we turn to our content.

It is what brings in followers, potential clients, and even friends.

Those words tell the world who we are, what we stand for, and most of all, our stories.

Without the properly written word or the cleanest graphic, where would we be?

It is my mission as a Content Writer to pave a path that creates the best tale for the occasion.

Join me down this yellow brick road.

Find Your Story

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-Liz Pipitone, Founder of Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

"We are thrilled to be working with Nate for our content writing needs. As a professional, he's punctual and wonderful to collaborate with. As a writer, you can NOT fake a true writer's talent and love for their art. It's apparent that Nate has both. He has the innate ability to transform detailed outline notes into exciting reads that will connect with an audience. We definitely recommend him to other businesses for their content!"  

"Nathan Bagster has joined the stable of writers for a weekly lifestyle and entertainment magazine called ELF. Its moniker means "Enjoy Life to the Fullest". Nate is certainly helping our readers do just that with his light, warm style of writing. He's a pleasure to work with and is both timely and communicative."

-Michael Breshears, Editor, ELF Magazine

"Nathan's talent in turning everyday words into compelling stories is impressive and makes his writing fun to read. This creativity extends throughout his graphic design, as well. Together they make for attractive content that we’re excited to serve up for our clients. 
Our team appreciates his attention to voice and staying on brand. His professional manner and timely work also make him easy to collaborate with. We look forward to continued partnership and would happily recommend Nathan to others for his thoughtful content creation."
-Caroline Tremblay, Founder & Content Director, Owl & Pen


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